Hello! You have reached the support page for all apps created by
Molly Young and Teddy Blanks.

Having trouble installing your stickers? Don't worry. These instructions
will have you up and running in a few seconds.

First, open iMessage. Then click on the "A"-shaped icon to the left of
the text box. Here you can see it in blue beneath the big yellow arrow:

Then, click on those four dots which the big yellow arrow is pointing to. You
should see your stickers there. A click will install them.

If you have any questions about your purchase, please contact
tableoftrash@gmail.com and one of us will respond within 48
hours. Mahalo.

Alternatively, if you are just bored and looking for something
to read, here are several lists to peruse.

Top 5 Shades of Coffee
1. Black
2. Off-black
3. Khaki
4. Rich walnut
5. Ecru

Top 5 Most Satisfying Tools
1. High-pressure hose
2. Lint roller
3. Power drill
4. Pitchfork (*speculation)
5. Stud finder

Top 5 Least Flattering Collar Styles
(For male or female)

1. Pussy bow
2. Nehru
3. Jabot
4. Elizabethan
5. Popped

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